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Between 10 October and 6 November we will be unable to ship any orders!

During the first part of this period it will not be possible to place any order at all. Towards the end of October orders will be accepted, but all orders will be shipped on 7 November!

During our absence we can only be contacted by email. We will make every effort to respond to your email as soon as possible. There will however be moments when we do not have access to internet. In any case, this will happen between roughly 14-19 October and 25-29 October. Before, between and after these periods, we expect to have reasonable internet access and answering your email will be our top priority.

We fully understand this may cause some inconveniences, but after 6 years of running this webshop as a small business, with customers expecting us to be reachable 24/7 (even during evenings, weekends, holidays, ..) it is time for a holiday break. We hope for your understanding.

Should you want to cancel, exchange, return your order, we will be as compliant as possible. Just send us an email.


Delivery time

We are temporarily unable to ship any orders. All orders will be shipped on Thursday 7 November!