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Intra-community supplies (VAT-free)

Under certain conditions we can supply orders free of Dutch VAT to companies located outside of the Netherlands.

If you are not sure, we can always check your VAT number.

Before placing your order, please read the information below carefully. Orders already placed and paid for cannot be changed, nor can we refund the amount of the VAT paid.

How to proceed?

To place an intra-community supplies order, please:

• Place your order and fill out your company details;

• Use the comments field to let us know you would like to have an invoice without Dutch VAT;

• Select 'Bank transfer' as your preferred payment method and complete your order;

After placing your order:

• You will receive an order confirmation including VAT, please do not make any payment yet;

• We will check your company details and adapt your order to make sure you don't pay any Dutch VAT;

• You will receive two emails: a new order confirmation without VAT and an email with payment information;

• In the email with the payment information, please click the link and you will be able to pay for your order with any of the payment methods we offer.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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